2 Cool 4 School
3's a Charm
Bing Bang Holidang
Boston All Star 12 Dayz
Boy Meets Girl
Call Girl
Carol of the Bells
Could Be Worse
Come 'N Go
Dance Dance Babydoll Dance
Everybody Knows It's Christmas
Feet Don't Fail
Get Up
I'm Not Dead
I Want My Christmas Back
I Won't Go Hollywood
I Won't Fuck You Over (This Time)
It'll Never Be the Same All Again
It's Not Over
Jingle Bells (Pierpont)
Just a Song
Just Another American Pie
Kiss Me
Marry Christmas and Good Night
Mele Kalikimaka (Alex R. Anderson)
Nobody Calls It Rock n Roll Anymore
No Such Thing as Love
One Day
One More Night in America
Save Me
Save You from Yourself
Searchin' for the Satellites
Shit Stained Moon
Silent Night (Franz X. Gruber)
Snow Day
Snowfall in the City
Somebody Else
Somethin's Gotta Give
Terrible Secret
That's Life
That's When I Crash
The Waiter
Today's the Day
Trust Me
Ursula Major, Ursula Minor
Watchin' You Sleep
We'll Do It All Again
What Kind Man Am I?
What Now?
When the Lights Go Out
Where Do We Go When the Party Is Over
Workaday Day
You Know, I Know, You Know
You Might Think (The Cars)